I heard someone say something today.  They said, “i wasn’t concerned with the who likes who…i was concerned with your heart.”

That person who said it was not a person i would imagine saying something of that nature. Of course i sell people short a lot but it floored me.

This is a picture of the journal i made tonight… Darfur has been on my heart a lot this holiday season.  Maybe because it makes me want to stand for something.  maybe because it’s damn near time i supported something bigger than just me and this place.  I want to do something significant.  I want to love.  Darfur is big but stopping genocide is not.



It’s no longer about making a stand.  It’s about people.  It’s about love. It’s about change.  It’s about promise.

It has never been about numbers…because the loss of one life is too many in my book.

I want love.


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